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With a creative and responsible approach to healthy eating, my online coaching focus on nutrition to promote gut health, strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, decreasing inflammation levels, managing immune conditions, and developing a healthier relationship with food - all pillars of a lifestyle that makes can feel more energized, confident, and happy! 


REFRESH - 4 weeks Program

A Fresher You

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused with the abundance of health and nutritional information available. The GreeNutri Refresh Program is designed to optimize YOUR health through nutrition and natural holistic living. With the Refresh Program, you will receive:


  • Two one-on-one online consultations:

    • 60-Minute Introductory Consultation: 

      • Eating habits and lifestyle evaluation

      • Strategy planning to achieve your desired goals

    • 45-Minute Follow-up Consultation:

      • Discuss achievements and challenges

      • Recommend adjustments for continued growth



  • Personalized Meal Plan

  • Customized Grocery Shopping List 

  • Food Preparation Guideline: facilitate your healthy eating routine

  • Recipes and cooking tips that will teach using food as medicine 

  • Supplements:  

    • Evaluate current supplements (if any)

    • Supplement recommendations including vitamins, minerals, herbs, superfoods, and other botanical substances to improve your health naturally 

    • Ongoing support via email during the 30-days 


GREENUTRI can help you overcome the obstacles in your life through a healthier approach to food. Find out how! Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. Get in touch to find the right program for you!


Better Decisions

A three-month program to help you reset your health and Transcend!

The Transcend Program is designed for you that already recognize that you need a guided resetting health approach to help you heal from habits and circumstances that have been aggravating your health. During these 3-months of commitment, I will guide through a transformational process where we will find the best nutrition and lifestyle solutions to revert your health concerns, achieve your wellness goals, and sustain your results in the long run to live a happy and healthy life! The Transcend Program includes:

 Four nutritional coaching sessions:

  •  A  60 minutes initial consultation: Eating habits and lifestyle evaluation,  goals setting and strategies building planning to achieve the desire goals

  • A customized meal plan to reset YOUR metabolism 

  • Customized grocery shopping list 

  • A Food  Preparation Guideline to facilitate your healthy eating routine

  • Supplements: Evaluation of current supplements (if any) and suggestion of other supplements including vitamins, minerals,  herbs, superfoods, and other botanicals substances that can help to improve your health naturally 

Follow-ups: ​

  • Three 45 -minutes follow-up coaching sessions, where we will discuss your achievements, challenges, and adjustments for continuing growth. During these sessions, we will  we will work with strategies to manage emotional eating, stress management, and other self-development tools that will empower you to achieve  and sustain your healthy eating habits in the long run 

  • Recipes and cooking tips that will teach using food as medicine 

  • Lifestyle and self-care tips that will help to develop a sustainable holistic living


Get in touch today to schedule an initial consultation with Flora.

Encinitas, CA


Get in touch today to schedule an initial consultation with Flora.

Encinitas, CA

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