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Nutrição Holística e Funcional

Por Flora Staub


Hi! I'm Flora!

A Dietician, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Chef. I'm the founder of GreeNutri, a company that provides nutrition counseling and personal chef services. As a nutritionist, I want to awaken your ability to use nutrition in favor of your health and inspire you to live naturally. When we dive deep into our self-development and learn how to listen to our bodies, use food as medicine, and practice natural ways of healing, we are able to understand our needs, and therefore, live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle. I am here to illustrate how eating healthy can be easy, tasty, and accessible to anyone who is willing to take part in this evolutionary adventure.


"Throughout the years, I have used an integrative nutrition approach to guide people on their wellness journey. My philosophy combines science, natural healing methods, and health coaching techniques to support health as a whole. As a result,  eating well, developing self-awareness, and sustaining healthy habits organically becomes a lifestyle". 

Flora Staub, Founder of Greenutri.




One-on-one online


Looking forward to improve your health through nutrition? Would you like to learn how to use food as medicine in favor of your health, strengthen your immune system or if you are feeling bloated, constipated, PMS symptoms... This service is perfect fit for you! Learn more about my online Nutrition Programs here:



Nourishing foods

are made for you

Do you enjoy eating healthy but are too busy to deal with the whole process (every-single-week)? Do you have food allergies or food sensitives that are aggravated if you eat out too often? If you need help making nourishing meals for you and your family,I got your back! Learn more about how my Personal Chef Service:



Programas nutricionais


Neste serviço, identificaremos os seus maiores desafios e iremos propor as melhores estratégias nutricionais e holística para o seu caso. Nosso objetivo é te ajudar a se reconectar consigo mesma(o), te ensinar a ouvir melhor os sinais do seu corpo, e te guiar a se alimentar de forma intuitiva e consciente.

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Chef Garnishing a Meal
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