When we create nutrition services that are unique to your body, routine, likes, dislikes, and real needs, we, together, can bring your goals into reality. Whether you are looking for nutrition guidance to feel healthier, vibrant and energized, or simply need support to make healthy eating more accessible to lifestyle, through on-line and nutrition consultation, personal chef services, I seek to help you find balance on your wellness journey.


Flora Staub - Founder 

Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Dietitian & Private Chef 



"Throughout the years, I have used an integrative nutrition approach to guide people on their wellness journey. My philosophy combines science, natural healing methods, and health coaching techniques to support health as a whole. As a result,  eating well, developing self-awareness, and sustaining healthy habits organically becomes a lifestyle". 


Let's eat good food! 


One-on-one online consultation

Feeling tired about "what should I eat" kind of though?  Would you like to learn more about how to use food as medicine in favor of your health? Bloated or constipated? PMS? Perhaps strengthening your immune system, improving your health naturally, and aging healthy are some of your wellness goals? Learn more about how my online Nutrition Programs can help you to bring these visions into your reality.


Nourishing foods made for YOU 

 Do you enjoy eating healthy but are too busy to deal with planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and storing the food (every-single-week)? Do you have food allergies or food sensitives that are aggravated if you eat out too often? Do you need help making nourishing meals for you and your family? I got your back! Learn more about how my Personal Chef Service can make facilitate your healthy eating habits. 

Get in touch

Questions about services? Have an idea or a project you think we can be a good fit for each other? Reach out! Let's talk, share, learn, and grow together. 

Encinitas, CA

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